Angèle - an artist to watch, according to the NYT.


It is not every day that the New York Times talks about a Belgian artist. The US daily included Angèle on its list of European talent to watch.

Angèle's hits have travelled far beyond the Belgian borders; after France, the artist is now making headlines in the United States.

The newspaper published an interview with the young Belgian artist, describing her as "arguably the biggest star of French-language pop music". The paper also mentioned her latest hit Balance ton quoi, which for the American public is associated with the #MeToo movement. For the artist, it is "just facts", the perception of a young woman and her day-to-day fears.

The NYT stressed not only Angèle's artistic talent, but also her influence on her audience and on society in general. With her light, accessible tone, she is reaching an increasingly large audience with hits that tackle current themes such as homosexuality (Ta Reine), social media (Victime des réseaux) and sexism (Balance ton quoi),

Thinking back to barely two years ago, when she was playing in a Brussels bar once a week, we have to admit that her career has taken off quickly.

For more information on the generation of young European artists to watch, consult the New York Times.