14 November 2018

Belgium is the European country which recycles the highest percentage of batteries. According to a Eurostat report, 71% of batteries in Belgium were collected and treated in 2016, which is much higher than the European average (44%).

14 November 2018

Researchers from Ghent University (UGent) have succeeded in saving data in a brand new form: powder. In developing this idea, they were inspired by models present in nature, where genetic information is stored in DNA.

13 November 2018

At the Artistic Gymnastics Championship in Qatar, our 18-year-old compatriot has won a gold medal, the first Belgian ever to do so.

12 November 2018

On the eve of his 75th birthday, the artist Salvatore Adamo announced the news in the Belgian press: he has just submitted his application for Belgian nationality. Italy, which up until now has not authorised dual nationality for its nationals, has relaxed its rules in this respect.


21 September 2018 - 20 January 2019

The famous symbolist painter Gustave Klimt died in 1918, taking with him a certain idea of Art Nouveau and the Belle Époque.

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