18 April 2024

A team of Belgian researchers from the VUB and ULB have found that global warming is causing meteorites to disappear, and with them our extraterrestrial knowledge.

18 April 2024

The Royal Theatre of Toone in Brussels has been added to a prestigious list of places with a rich history of European culture.

18 April 2024

Colour blindness is a genetic disorder affecting an estimated 4% of the population. The KMSKA is now experimenting with special glasses that increase the contrast between conflicting colours and 75% of colour-blind people will benefit.

11 April 2024

More than ever, former Iceland liner and museum ship Amandine in Ostend invites visitors to experience how grim things could get during that perilous voyage into the rough North Atlantic Ocean. Her renovation and multimedia installations vouch for that.


26 April 2024 - 20 May 2024

The Royal Greenhouses of Laeken will once again reopen to the public at the end of April.

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