23 February 2023

It is very rare for a new family of vertebrates to emerge. Until Belgian and Finnish scientists recently redrew the family tree of the snake superfamily Elapoidea.

16 February 2023

The young tennis player has been at the top of the world junior rankings since November 2022. This is a first for a Belgian in ten years!

16 February 2023

Angèle and Stromae received the prestigious Artists of the Year awards at the Paris ceremony that rewards the best French music variety artists. And the prize for the Male Revelation of the Year was awarded to Pierre de Maere.

02 February 2023

Belgian author Saskia De Coster has taken on a significant challenge in February, and it has everything to do with the Antwerp museum for fine arts (KMSKA).


15 December 2022 - 14 May 2023

Fans of Britain’s most famous spy, the character we’ve come to know as James Bond or Agent 007, will be in their element at Brussels Expo: it’s the site of the exhibition, Bond in Motion, from 9 Decem

Welcome to Belgium!