11 July 2024

The brand new art route Meesters in Verbeelding [Masters in Imagination] brings to life the grandeur of seven Leuven artists, often at the site where their masterpiece was created. You will hear the whole story from the narrator, at a listening post.

04 July 2024

On a beautiful summer’s day, there’s nothing like a glass of fine Belgian wine to quench your thirst, are we right?

04 July 2024

From now on, anyone who wants to travel smoothly, quickly, reliably, safely and sustainably in the Belgian-Dutch-German Euroregion will choose the direct, frequent connections with the 'Three Countries Train' (Drielandentrein / Train des trois pays / Dreiländerzug).

20 June 2024

Arnaud Dely took the European gold medal in this discipline that combines cycling and running, while in the women's race, another Belgian, Jeanne Dupont, finished in second place.


28 March 2024 - 29 September 2024

You might have seen some of his sculptures around Brussels, but that’s only part of the events in honour of Jean-Michel Folon, who would have turned 90 this year.

Welcome to Belgium!