06 January 2020

MHI Vestas and Parkwind have united to create the first offshore wind farm using the V164-9.5 MW, a record-beating wind turbine! 23 of these wind turbines will be installed off the coast of Ostend. The first one has already been installed!

06 January 2020

As they noticed that the soil around the Abbey was fertile and packed with botanical herbs, the Desclée de Maredsous family decided to start manufacturing its own gin

24 December 2019

The Washington Post newspaper described Brussels as "the epicentre of contemporary art" in Europe and gave an in-depth description of the capital's cultural life.

16 December 2019

The Belgian online international connection application, Ablo, is at the top of the Google rankings.


13 December 2019 - 19 April 2020

For fans of the '80s, don't miss the retrospective dedicated to Keith Haring at Bozar. Immerse yourself in 1980s New York with this artist, who was close to Andy Warhol.

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