10 July 2020

Due to the many Belgian start-ups that have stood out in their response to the COVID-19 crisis, Belgium is the leading European country in terms of innovations designed to respond to the coronavirus crisis.

10 July 2020

The technique of producing a tangible product layer by layer on the basis of a three-dimensional computer drawing, i.e. 3D printing, has been around for thirty years now. But now, for the first time, a two-storey family home has been built in Westerlo. A world first.

02 July 2020

The University of Liège has developed a unique method of screening for coronavirus. It uses a self-swab kit, and is fully automated and inexpensive.

23 June 2020

How would you sum up surrealist Belgium in a photo?


23 June 2020 - 04 October 2020

The Boghossian Foundation is hosting an exhibition in which the artists invite us on a voyage, and where cartographic representations interpret geography from political, poetic and utopian angles.

Welcome to Belgium!