19 March 2020

As the world groans under the coronavirus epidemic, Menen company Avalasia, which develops thermal applications, with its temperature-measuring scanners, has in no time succeeded in detecting those persons likely to be infected by the virus.

25 March 2020

It is no secret that in the fight against Covid-19, screening is one of the essential elements. And for that, it is necessary to carry out tests which, for the time being, all use the same reagents, hence the shortage.

19 January 2018

The macro photographs and scientific visual material, such as infrared photos and X-rays, of 20 works by the famous 15th century Flemish painter Jan van Eyck from 11 top museums have now been brought together in a single website.

18 March 2020

On 5 March, Belgian physicist Marc Henneaux was appointed Professor of the new "Fields, Strings and Gravity" Chair at the prestigious Collège de France. His inaugural lesson was on the theme of "Symmetry and Gravity".


30 March 2020 - 30 March 2021

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