10 August 2022

Laurent Piron from Dalhem in the province of Liège already won the 2021 World Championship of Magic in Spain. This year, the 28-year-old Belgian returns home from Canada's Quebec with the jackpot. He may now call himself the world's best magician.

09 August 2022

For its 50th anniversary, the flower carpet is back on the most beautiful square in the world. 1,680m² of begonias, dahlias, grasses and bark will take over the cobblestones of the Grand-Place to delight tourists and Brussels residents.

04 August 2022

According to figures from the association Brasseurs Belges, exports of Belgian beers around the world are growing year on year.

29 July 2022

In 2003, Philippe Grafé created his Domaine du Chenoy in Namur, which would become a household name in viticulture in French-speaking Belgium. He had been experimenting with growing hybrid vines. The king of the interspecific hybrids was born!


08 August 2022 - 18 September 2022

Unfolding Landscapes was originally due to return to Ukraine after being exhibited in Copenhagen. However, the war made this return impossible.

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