09 August 2019

In Belgium, the word waterfall is synonymous with Coo, located in Stavelot. But if you like the freshness of these places, there is another, less-frequented waterfall located in the High Fens region: the Bayehon waterfall.

09 August 2019

A pedestrian tunnel was excavated over 31 metres deep below the Scheldt between 28 June 1931 and 14 August 1933 to connect both banks of the Scheldt in Antwerp.

07 August 2019

Nestled in the south of the Hainaut province, in the heart of Thudinie and at the convergence of the Sambre and Biesmelle, the Mediaeval city of Thuin, thanks to its special terrain, is home to hanging gardens that are worth a visit.

26 July 2019

Belgium has numerous beautiful churches and cathedrals. Among them is undoubtedly the Cathedral of Our Lady in Tournai. At 83 metres (272 ft) high, this jewel is unmissable in the Belgian skyline


29 June 2019 - 02 September 2019

During the summer months, the annual art festival Watou invites the public for the 39th time to come and discover the work of writers, poets, visual artists and other performers from home and abroad.

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