21 March 2019

A team from the KU Leuven have made a promising technological breakthrough. They have designed a solar panel that produces hydrogen and oxygen directly from the air and sun.

18 March 2019

There's no need to start panicking about the tiger mosquito, but we do need to be on our guard.

18 March 2019

A baby elephant was born at Pairi Daiza park in February. The calf ventures outside with his mother when the temperature rises above 14 degrees, so he will be more visible in the summer. Aye Chan May's baby has yet to be given a name.

15 March 2019

On 12 March 2019, the Special Olympics World Games got off to a start in Abu Dhabi. This sports competition gives athletes with a mental disability the chance to show their talent. Our small country has one of the largest delegations this year.


20 February 2019 - 26 May 2019

When Bernard van Orley emerged in Brussels (circa 1488), Western Europe was undergoing a major political, cultural, spiritual and artistic revolution.

Welcome to Belgium!