Science is in our DNA

A true Belgian tradition, scientific and technical research has always been promoted throughout the country, with many researchers involved in a wide range of international scientific programmes. Medicine, chemistry, statistics and astronomy can be counted among Belgium's strengths, fields where Belgian researchers have received prestigious scientific awards.

Today, Belgian proficiency can be seen in many other fields such as nanotechnology, biotechnology and even vaccinations. The universities are the primary pool for this Belgian scientific expertise and, through the creation of spin-offs, have taken the important step of enhancing invaluable skills. The treatment of cancer by proton therapy is probably one of the best economic and scientific successes worldwide.

Belgium is also actively involved in space research, research in the North Sea and climate research in Antarctica with the Princess Elisabeth station. Currently, ambitious research projects focused on sustainable development are also being funded.

To date, many Belgian scientists have been received into prestigious universities abroad; just like Belgium itself welcomes various foreign students and researchers attracted by the high scientific level of its universities together with the quality of life in Belgium.