The maestro has returned!


Stromae will release a new album on 4 March, although around 9,000 lucky people did not have to wait until this date to discover it. Multitude was previewed to the Brussels public on 22 February. The showman had a few Belgian cards up his sleeve to make sure we had a good time.

Stromae created a surprise by using a Belgian symphony orchestra: the Belgian National Orchestra. For this collaboration, the author-composer found in Dirk Brossé a maestro up to the task. The conductor comes from the Royal Conservatories of Ghent and Brussels and already had plenty of experience of pop music. Six of the eleven tracks on the new album were recorded in the Dada Studios in Schaerbeek.

In another surprise, the artist will now be accompanied on stage by his digital double, also from Brussels. This avatar worthy of the best Pixar films appeared on the giant screens and danced with the singer. Behind this technical feat was the animation studio nWave Pictures (Forest).

Some things don't change, luckily. As with the album Racine Carrée, it is Belgian stylist (and Stromae's partner) Coralie Cambier who is to be congratulated.

The fact that the first of the three preview concerts took place in Brussels (Palais 12) was symbolic in itself. While this new album explores world music (Mongolian songs, Bulgarian choirs, and more), our Brussels maestro continues to give pride of place to Belgium.