Location, infrastructure and a quality workforce

Belgium occupies an important position on the economic chessboard. It is ranked 12th country in the world for the export of merchandise (WTO-2014 Report) and is a favourite destination for investors. Every year, billions of euros of foreign direct investment are made in Belgium.

Belgium offers the opportunity to reach 200 million consumers in a radius of 500 kilometres thanks to its central geographic position and its quality logistics infrastructures. Sea ports, inland ports, canals, airports, rail, road and motorway networks: the various communication channels in Belgium are constantly being adapted to the needs of the economy. For example, the port of Antwerp is the 2nd busiest European port and has the largest petrochemical complex in Europe. The city of Antwerp is the diamond capital with 80 % of the market in rough diamonds and 50 % in polished diamonds.

There are many other reasons to explain Belgium's economic success including a highly-qualified, multi-lingual and flexible workforce, proximity with the international decision-making sphere based in Brussels, many financial and tax incentives, affordable property prices, legendary hospitality, excellent social security and more.