Pandore, the challenging new Belgian series


The title of this new series created by RTBF (Belgian television), "Pandore", opens the box from which some of the evils that plague our society emerge: political corruption, violence against women, racism, integration problems, to name a few. The story takes place in Brussels, and well known city buildings and discrete streets appear in many of the shots.

The script of the series is the work of three women - one actress and two film makers - at the start: Anne Coesens (Illégal, Duelles [Mothers' Instinct]), Savina Dellicour (Tous les chats sont gris [All Cats Are Grey]) and Vania Leturcq (L'année prochaine [Next Year]). Anne Coesens also appears on screen playing one of the main characters, that of an investigating judge confronted with both a corruption case involving her own father and a rape involving different communities. As such, she is Pandore, the woman who possesses all the gifts (in Greek), especially that of revealing what is corrupting society.

Her accomplices on the set are far from strangers. Yoann Blanc (La Trêve [The Break]) is very convincing in the role of a politician in the middle of an election campaign, who claims he wants to tackle social issues head on. Salomé Richard (Baden Baden) slips into the shoes of an activist who is raped after a militant intervention. Noureddine Farihi (Braqueurs [The Crew]), a Belgian-Moroccan actor, plays the role of the policeman. Mélissa Diara (Prise au piège [Locked Away]) plays a rebellious journalist.

Discover this addictive new series now on RTBF or on Auvio.