Dzia, the Antwerp street artist


Dzia's colourful murals appeared on the walls just a few years ago and are already attracting attention around the world.

Dzia was interested in live art from an early age and was part of a family that was very sensitive to culture. This passion that he nurtured during his childhood led him to enter the Royal Academy of Antwerp, from where he graduated with a master's in fine arts. Having become an all-round artist (drawings, stencils, sculptures and murals), he realised that he wanted to use walls as the medium for his works. He forged a truly unique graphic style, with abstract and geometric lines as his signature, from which he produces animal forms. Throughout his frescoes, we can see a predilection for wild animals, foxes and birds. His art wants to give space in the city back to the wild, letting animals move into urban areas.

The artist has another desire, namely to support the culture of street art. This is the reason he founded the magazine "KRANK". This self-published booklet presents works by other artists, such as Klaas Van der Linden and Mark Goss. This is a way for Dzia to highlight this increasingly popular urban art.

Dzia's reputation spreads at the same speed as his frescoes. Lately, his animals have taken him to Norway, Spain and even China. However, most of his works can still be found in Belgium. Perhaps you have seen the "silver fox" in Antwerp? People who use the pre-metro (Plantijn stop) may have already tamed it.