Belgian creativity and well-being

Belgium is an open society founded on tolerance. Its central position in Europe, its situation at the confluence between the Latin and Germanic worlds, its multilingualism and its pioneering political, social and religious freedoms have contributed to its cosmopolitan and friendly character.

Belgians like to enjoy life and make sure they do so! So nowhere else will you find so many regional, authentic and colourful beers, with such a contrasting range of tastes and smells. As for the Belgian chocolatiers, they offer products of unrivalled quality and flavour with a well-established world famous reputation. Waffles, spéculoos biscuits, cuberdon candies... Belgium has much to offer food lovers, not to mention its famous chips!  Belgium is also the country with the most Michelin-starred restaurants per km² in the world.

Modern and trend-setting, Belgians love beauty. Fashion, furniture and room accessories, Belgian designers adore mixing genres and muddying the waters by tearing down borders! Internationally recognised, Belgian artists have long infiltrated the stores on the smartest avenues of capital cities the world over.

A country of freedoms and innovations, life is good in Belgium where we know how to welcome you so you can discover a lifestyle that's both comfortable and easy-going.