What is your favourite Belgian culinary speciality?


This time it's autumn. Our forests are wearing their warm red and gold colours, the thermometer is dropping and what could be more comforting than a good meal with family or friends?

Obviously, if we say Belgium, four words immediately come to mind: beer, fries, waffles and chocolate. But the recipe books of our grandmothers and prestigious chefs are full of many other dishes that are often specific to a particular region of the country. From North Sea shrimp croquettes, to Liège meatballs, Waterzooi and carbonnades. There is a vast choice and that's without mentioning local vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, chicory and asparagus as well as fruits, including the famous Wépion strawberries. There is also a long list of sweet dishes, from speculoos to cuberdon and from Verviers rice pie to the Grammont mattentaart, to name but a few.

What is your favourite Belgian culinary speciality?

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