Non-alcoholic Belgian drinks to start the year off right


New year, new people to catch up with over a drink? For those whose resolution is to cut out alcohol, here are some non-alcoholic Belgian beverages you can opt for instead.

For a country whose brewing expertise is famous across the globe, some of your favourite Belgian beer brands have non-alcoholic variants. Think of Jupiler, Maes, Stella Artois and Leffe, for example. Each of these well-known Belgian beer brands have put 0.0% ABV options on the market. So has the Brussels Beer Project.  

Speaking of Brussels, if you won’t be tempted by the alcoholic drinks on hand, check out the Belgian Beer World, located in the stock exchange building, for some inspiration. 

For those who would typically favour something a little bit stronger – meaning wine and bubbles –, Vintense, a company based in Herve (in the province of Liège) could be a great fit. They also make non-alcoholic cocktails. 

Also based in Liège is Univers Drink. They have various lines of non-alcoholic drinks including 0;0% wines, bubbles, mocktails and even alcohol-free spirits. 

Of course, you could always opt for drinks that are non-alcoholic in the first place. Belgian – and biological – brand Simone a Soif would be an excellent place to start. 

Let us know about your favourite Belgian alternative to alcoholic beverages!