Gault&Millau quality label for 9 residential care centres in Belgium


Last year, the general hospital in Kortrijk already received recognition from the renowned gourmet guide Gault&Millau. Now, nine residential care centres are being praised for the quality of their cuisine and meals.

We know Gault&Millau mainly as the guide that awards culinary restaurants with an excellent score after an excellent evaluation. But it is also willing to scrutinise other institutions that serve food. After a hospital last year, this year the inspection team descended on the kitchens of nine private rest homes and residential care centres run by local authorities in Flanders to lift the lid off the cooking pots. These are centres operated by catering company Aramark. Aramark itself contacted Gault&Millau, as it was confident that quality labels were in order. And yes, announced as well as unannounced inspections proved the caterer right. For the audit team, the meals had to be "tasty, varied, attractive-looking and accessible".
Here is who reaped the laurels: Zorghotel Seniorcity i-mens (Ghent), Ikaria Aunove (Sint-Maria-Oudenhove), residential care centres De Vlinder (Harelbeke), Ceder aan de Leie (Harelbeke), Sint-Lucia (Turnhout), Sint-Felix (Herne), Sint-Bernardus (De Panne), Elckerlyc (Wevelgem) and finally Zilversterre (Ghent).