A strong new Chimay lager is born


It was thanks to the pressing demand of beer lovers that Scourmont Abbey decided to market a Trappiste Verte (Green), now the strongest of its beers since this lager exceeds its blue, red, white and golden companions, with its 10°.

The Verte is not an absolute first, however, as it was originally made in 2012, on the 150th anniversary of the brewery's founding.

Very balanced, sweet and not too bitter. The Verte will also have aromas of rosemary, cloves and ginger. According to Cédric Dautinger, editor-in-chief of beer.be, "Strong lagers, such as Trappist or Abbey beers, are the second most commonly drunk category of beer in Belgium after Pils. There has been an increase in consumption, an increase in public interest in this kind of beer, quite simply." As well as producing a new beer, the company is continuing to invest (1,000 photovoltaic panels and a wind turbine) in order to adopt a more environmentally friendly production method.

Chimay is also a major international brand since one in two bottles is exported to France. Chimay Bleue remains the most popular, with a market share of just over 50%.

You will have to wait a little longer to taste it, but we can reveal that, like all the other Trappist beers, a percentage of the income from its sale will go to charity.