Averbode abbey releases new beer


Fans of the Norbertine abbey beer Averbode will rejoice, as they are putting a new brew on the menu.

The new beer marks a special birthday for the abbey, as it’s the tenth anniversary of its products (like beer, cheese and gingerbread) being made available to the public. 

The tasty, round, blonde Averbode beer that people have come to know and love thus gets a companion in Averbode Extra. Whatever the ‘Extra’ may stand for, it’s not referring to its strength, as it is relatively light at 4.8% ABV. 

If you’re mouthwatering already, head to Averbode this weekend – you can find the beer in the abbey’s shop the first three weekends of January. From 22 January, the beverage will be available for purchase in other shops as well.  

The abbey’s gates span three provinces (Flemish Brabant, Antwerp and Limburg), so why not explore the area – hiking responsibly, of course! If hiking isn’t your thing, the abbey is also home to a reflection centre (bezinningscentrum) and lots of cultural activities, including a yearly classical music festival, Averbode Klassiek

To your health!