Have you tried Le Pain Quotidien's cannabis bread yet?


Huh, cannabis?! Rest assured that due to the extremely low THC content, the psychedelic effect of marijuana remains completely absent here. This hemp variety is sustainable in production and use as well, and the cannabis bread, according to the bakery and restaurant chain's own claims, tastes as good as its other range.

This cannabis bread contains 42% hemp fibre, an environmentally friendly variety that contains barely 3 mg of psychoactive substance (THC) per kilogram, compared to 150,000 mg/kg for the cannabis with the bad reputation. So this isn't going to get you high. Le Pain Quotidien, by the way, continues to identify the lots in the lab.

The raw materials used are mainly peeled and unpeeled cannabis seeds, flour from ground cannabis seeds and organic wheat. The result is a bread rich in protein, omega 3, vitamins B and E, minerals and fibre, and low in gluten. Hemp thrives well in our regions, is ideally suited as a break crop in crop rotation, does not suffer from diseases or fungi and thus does not require any herbicides, gets by with relatively little water and nutrition, grows quickly, has a high yield, can be grown completely organically, stores far more CO₂ than a tree, and is widely applicable for applications for food, paper, clothing, animal feed, construction materials, bioenergy, etc.

'The most ecological bread ever' will be on sale at all of the chain's 54 outlets in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and the United Kingdom. See whether the customer bites.