Belgian Tripel takes gold at the European Beer Star awards


It’s official: the best Tripel style beer is made on Belgian soil! ‘Paix Dieu’ has won a gold medal in this category at the European Beer Star awards.

You could say that Tripel beers are a bit of a Belgian specialty. They are pale ales that are high in alcohol content, usually between eight and ten percent. Some of Belgium’s most famous Tripels include Westmalle Tripel and Tripel Karmeliet.

This year, though, they are outclassed by ‘Paix Dieu’ (Peace of God). The Belgian beer, which is brewed by Brasserie Caulier, a brewery based in the Walloon town of Péruwelz, managed to entice the 140-strong jury made up of experts in the field in terms of beer and the industry.

The beer has an alcoholic volume of 10% and is described as having “delicate fruity and spiced aromas”. It is brewed during the full moon, as the lunar calendar is very important to the Abbey of Paix Dieu, whose monks brewed the beer first.

Did you know that the runner-up for Belgian-style Tripel is also Belgian, namely the Affligem Tripel? Other Belgian beers also got a chance to shine at the awards.

The top three Belgian-style beers and Belgian-style strong blond ales were all from Belgian breweries, with Hellekapelle and Hapkin winning gold in those respective categories. In fact, Belgian beers were in the top three for several other categories, taking home gold and bronze medals in the category of Belgian-style Oude Geuze and Oude Lambic.

High time for a trip(el) to Belgium!