The Brussels stock exchange: from stock palace to beer temple


Between 1868 and 1873, an imposing neoclassical temple for trade and industry, the stock exchange building, was built in the heart of Brussels. When the stock market went completely electronic at the end of the 20th century, it became a lot quieter on the stock exchange floor. Until Saturday 9 september, the opening of Belgian Beer World, the unique permanent experience centre of Belgian beer culture.

Belgium's beer culture is on the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage. This barley beer was first brewed in our medieval monasteries. From there it gradually spread over broad layers of the population and all regions. It became the drink for everyday use as well as for big parties. Over time, the aroma, taste and color palette expanded to the rhythm of new techniques, developments, ingredients and preferences. In the end, all Belgians derived a common identity from their beer. Later, the fame of the country's brewing art would also conquer other countries.

Reason enough for more than 100 Belgian breweries to pay all due respect to the national drink. There is no better location for this than the prestigious renovated Beursgebouw in the heart of the lower town. Come and discover the place in all its facets: the historical journey of beer, the special, funny or moving stories that accompany it, the multi-sensory workshops to experiment per type of beer, per ingredient, per colour…, the restaurant, the brasserie or the sky bar with its 350 m² terrace.