Beer over the course of the Meuse and History


In the Middle Ages, roads were unsafe and of poor quality. Inland waterways are therefore transport routes par excellence, for both goods and for people.

It is also along the rivers that major cities are founded, their fairs and markets are, by definition, places where merchandise is exchanged; they are also significant sources of income for the localities that host them. These cities are also centres of cultural exchange, as their great civil or religious buildings attract artists and craftspeople. The Meuse, which is navigable all year round between Maastricht and Sedan, is no exception to this economic and cultural practice.

The Maison du patrimoine médiéval Mosan (MPMM), in Bouvignes-sur-Meuse (Dinant), housed in a splendid 16th-century building, allows us to plunge into the turbulent history of the Meuse valley through its extensive permanent collections and temporary exhibitions. So, from the end of October 2020 to the beginning of October 2021, "The Age of Beer" visit will teach you everything you need to know about this beverage, which has enjoyed uninterrupted success in our regions since Gallo-Roman times, although it was mainly the Middle Ages that saw the expansion of both monastic and secular breweries.