Wavre in the palm of your hand


The city of Wavre has come up with a modern way for tourists to discover its cultural heritage: by smartphone.

You might have heard of Wavre because of Walibi (also known at some point as Six Flags Belgium), a theme park on the territory of Wavre, Limal and Bierges, but have you ever visited the city itself?

It’s definitely worth it, and a new interactive parcours through the city can prove it. Embark on an adventure with a circa two-kilometre route that takes you via 14 points of interest, including the cloister of the town hall, the Donglebert bell, and a mural by internationally renowned Belgian street artist Dzia.

All of these remarkable parts of Wavre’s identity deserve text and explanation, right? Well, that’s where your smartphone comes in. At each point of interest along the walking trail, there’s a handy QR code that you can scan to get more information.

The whole path to follow is lined with markers on the ground to indicate the way to go, so you will never lose your bearings in this beautiful city.

What do you think of Wavre’s idea to integrate smartphones into exploration of its wonders? We’d love to hear from you.