Hallerbos hyacinths in bloom again


The bluebells that colour the Hallerbos a beautiful shade of purple every year are once again in bloom.

The Hallerbos is located mostly in Halle, a town just south-west of Brussels. While the forest is beautiful in any season, it always gets a much higher number of visitors in spring, when the bluebells flower, a sight that’s a true spectacle for the eyes. 

The bluebells are beautiful at any rate, but at 200 hectares, the forest boasts the largest volume of wild hyacinths anywhere in Europe. It’s only natural, then, that tens of thousands flock to the forest in a (relatively short) three-week window depending on when the flowers start showing up. 

The Hallerbos is the most well-known location in Belgium with hyacinths, but did you know that there are plenty of other forests in the country? In fact, you might want to consider going to one of these other forests to perhaps enjoy the hyacinths with fewer people around. 

For example, you could visit the Kluisbos near Kluisbergen in East Flanders, sometimes regarded as the Sonian Forest’s ‘little brother’, or the ‘bois du Grand Bon Dieu’ near Charleroi. 

Wherever you go to search for bluebell bliss, remember they’re extremely fragile; you can look, but don’t touch … happy spring!