Finger-licking good hospital food


A stay in the hospital is no fun, but good food can put a plaster on the wound. And even more so when culinary top guide Gault&Millau awards a quality label to it. Like at the AZ Groeninge in Kortrijk, a first in the Benelux.

AZ Groeninge was very sure of its case. The hospital itself asked Gault&Millau to examine its meals. The lunches were analysed and evaluated thoroughly, based on ten criteria such as aroma, taste, texture, freshness and seasonality of the ingredients, serving temperature and finish. The bread meals were also examined. It is so important to offer balanced and tasty food to accelerate the healing process, according to recent scientific research. The quality was put to the test by, of course, experienced reviewers of the gastronomic bible on the one hand, and on the other hand by the patients, about whom it all revolves after all. And AZ Groeninge passed with flying colours in both groups.

Let this be an incentive for other hospitals to go through the same evaluation process and an opportunity to break through the lousy image of the average hospital chow.