Geel Hospital children's hospital makes paintings on the plate


At the end of June, AZ Groeninge in Kortrijk was in the spotlight with a Gault&Millau quality label for its lunches and sandwiches. Now Hospital Geel is also showing what it has to offer in the culinary department.

In FOB on 29 June 2023 you could read how AZ Groeninge in Kortrijk scored a first in the Benelux for the quality of its food. It is possible that chef Johan Wyckmans of Geel Hospital found his inspiration here to put a smile on the faces of the children's ward of his hospital. Because what the under-12-year-olds are served makes them a little happier, despite the lesser period they are going through. All healthy and above all creative meals, in the form of nice faces and figures. How about, for example, spaghetti strands that are artfully twisted together until you recognize a Yorkshire terrier on your plate, or Lego blocks of chervil puree with fish, or a sturdy bear of carrot puree, or a mischievous scene with tomato and broccoli ... With wide-open eyes of so much beauty and you will surely eat everything down to the last crumb, won't you?

From his own experience, Johan remembers how important it is that children in a scary condition and hospital environment feel as good as possible. His cheerful creations certainly contribute to this. A pleasantly surprised mother wholeheartedly agreed in a Google review.