PMSweet, world leader in artisan macarons


Michaël Labro from Tilff, in Wallonia, has emerged as the emperor of macarons in just ten years. You know the ones: two crunchy cookies made of ground almonds and Italian meringue, sandwiched together around a melting ganache.

Michaël Labro was barely 15 when he founded his first macaron company with a friend. Modest yet ambitious. After five years of studying medicine at university, he opted to focus on his sweet passion. Together with a seasoned businessman in the food industry, he created PMSweet. Since 2015 he has relocated regularly, systematically expanding the area of his workshop, his production capacity and staff to keep pace with the increasing demand for his delicacies. Today, with 350 people in the two halls in Vivegnis, a sub-municipality of Oupeye, Liège, he produces 700,000 sweet treats every day, around the clock, seven days a week. And still that is not enough. So, 17,000 m² will be added in Thimister this year. It will be the most modern high-quality production line in the world, capable of handling twice as many macarons as today. 90% will be for export as PMSweet supplies mainly large Belgian, Dutch, French and American supermarket chains.

Michaël Labro has an eye for all the aspects that ensure the success of his range of macarons and pastries: quality, tradition, creativity, affordability, sustainability and an inclusive personnel policy.