Belgian cutlery made with taste


The Battice-based company Ecopoon has its way of halting the flow of disposable cutlery, even environmentally friendly ones. With a tasty crispy edible product range.

In 2017, the Liège company Ecopoon jumped on the bandwagon of environmental awareness, operating on a small scale from a garage at the time. In the meantime, it has come a long way. In the fight against pollution, the coveted plastic eating utensils are fortunately increasingly clearing the field for alternatives made of wood, bamboo, paper or cardboard. Ecopoon wants to go one step further than the modal aspiration. So why not eat your tasty spoon right away? In doing so, you do the planet a big favour and allow yourself extra culinary pleasure.

Short-chain sourcing is central to Ecopoon's commitment. Raw materials from sustainable agriculture are brought directly to the company's nearby energy-efficient production lines. The finished products also remain domestic or regional. Local anchoring is complete; there is no question of a mega-factory. Its patented process produces high-quality solid spoons, 80,000 of which find their way daily to an ever-growing clientele of private individuals, business managers, grocers, caterers and food trucks.

Will you soon be spooning your ice cream, yoghurt or that last leftover salmon tartare from a glass with Ecopoon too? Then don't forget to throw the at least 10-minute cold-resistant spoon behind it yourself. Enjoy.