Zensor, useful Belgian sensors


Prevention is better than cure! This is the motto that guides the action of Zensor, a Brussels-based company that can anticipate bridge and infrastructure collapses through the use of sensors.

An innovation that will help avoid disaster! Zensor is a Belgian company specialising in the design of sensors that analyse and assess the wear and tear of buildings. It works on infrastructures such as bridges, tunnels and airports. Its current flagship project is Schiphol airport in Amsterdam.

The company has used a range of sensors that work together to measure several parameters including vibrations, distortions and temperature. The data is then processed by an algorithm responsible for assessing whether or not the infrastructure is at risk of damage.

The accuracy of the diagnosis is due to the original approach chosen by the company, which does not concentrate solely on the vast amounts of data collected by the sensors but also relies on the company's expertise in the field of physics. Consequently, this approach provides a more comprehensive analysis than the exclusive exploitation of big data.

This young company operates in countries such as Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, Great Britain and the Netherlands. Its customers include big names such as Arcelor-Mittal, Umicore, Infrabel and BESIX.