Belgian company invents efficient new battery


A Belgian company has invented an efficient new battery that could change the way we consume energy.

Destore, a company based in Nivelles (in the province of Walloon Brabant), hopes to promote energy transation with a product that stocks energy from solar panels. It comes in the form of a revolutionary battery that can improve the efficiency of heat pumps, relieve the pressure on electricity networks and help you use your energy at a more advantageous rate. 

The technology behind it is remarkable to say the least. While the battery is charging, the phase change materials integrated into this invention heat up to the point of melting. This way, the energy gets stored in a (up to four times) more compact way. When the energy gets released, the phase change materials return to their original solid state. 

According to Destore, their batteries last longer than electrical batteries, use no rare materials, have a quicker return on investment and adapt intelligently to your lifestyle. 

Well, that sounds like a deal to us!