Leuven basketball club pilot tests paying by palm


From now on you can order your drinks and snacks in the canteen of the Leuven Bears basketball club by simply holding your hand against Palmki, a device developed by the Hasselt technology company Perfect-ID that scans and reads the code of the unique blood vessels in your hand. A first in Europe.

Palmki is an easy-to-use and secure biometric digital key that uses the vein pattern in your palm to determine your identity. The advanced technology authenticates people before giving them access to buildings, premises, machines, data, time registration and also... payments.

The customers and staff of the canteen of the Leuven Bears basketball club in Heverlee are already delighted with this form of payment. Until now, club members paid at the bar with a chip card on which they had preloaded money. From now on, this card can be omitted if you choose to have your hand scanned once via a laptop and then link that scan to your membership card. Once you are registered, simply hold your hand in front of the sensor. The algorithms track down and identify all known users based on their vein structure, a complex model of more than 5 million reference points. In the long term, the chip card could be completely replaced by the hand scan.

Finally, Perfect-ID argues how this hilarious, hip and modern payment system, according to the test subjects, fully respects the right to privacy.