Belgian first: two white-tailed eagles born in Blankaart


Did you know about Gloria and Guido, the first two Belgian-born white-tailed eagles? 

Their parents, Betty and Paul, took refuge in the Blankaart natural reserve, near the West-Flemish city of Diksmuide. So pleased were they with the conditions here in Belgium that they decided to make a little nest in the fall of 2023.  

Gloria was born on 18 April, and her little brother followed a few days later, probably on 21 April. They were named by the public, with Gloria referring to the fact that the natural reserve considers the joyous occasion a moment of glory, and Guido being named after the Blankaart’s current curator, Guido Vandenbroucke. 

To those who would like to see the eagles for themselves, be advised that there is a perimeter in place to respect the young family’s privacy, and that you are far more likely to see the parents than their young, as they are still too small. 

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