Coronavirus: A new rapid serology test with two markers


.Thanks to regional funding, three Walloon enterprises have developed a new rapid serology test which detects immune response against two specific COVID-19 markers

On the strength of their respective expertise, Coris BioConcept (Gembloux), Bio-X (Rochefort) and Unisensor (Seraing) have developed a new test. The first two worked on its development with the third currently managing its production. The company based in Gembloux will also be in charge of its commercialisation.

Of course, it is not the first test launched on the market. But the one developed by this consortium stands out in that it is based on a dual approach that helps to refine and widen the spectrum of results. It detects the past presence or absence of the virus according to two markers. As Jean-Luc Gala, Immunologist at UCL explains: "This test not only reveals the presence of antibodies but also the presence of potentially neutralising antibodies that will protect the patient more in the event of being exposed to the virus again."

Bernard Rentier, Virologist at ULg, also outlines an additional benefit of this type of test: "Although the PCR test allows a snapshot to be taken of the presence of the virus at a given time among the population, the serology test is a film that continues over a longer period and shows how the epidemic is progressing or regressing."

In terms of the test's reliability, it stands at 92.5% in the case of a negative response and 98.5% in the case of a positive result.