Valduc-Thor, an eco-friendly brewery


Deep in the centre of the land known for its beer, in a small town, lies an exciting, young, eco-responsible brewery. The town is Thoremblais-Saint-Trond, and the brewery Valduc-Thor.

While the brewing of beer is of course a long-standing tradition in Belgium, centuries in fact, Valduc-Thor saw the light of day as recently as 2016 after two friends met at university and started a brewing adventure together.

Valduc-Thor is not only at the crossroads of Belgium, it is also where the old meets the new. The brewery represents a combination of tradition, which is why it strategically chose its location “at a few beer’s throws” of the former Meurice-Hanquet brewery, and a modern, social, and ecologically thought through working method.

The brewery is conveniently located across the street from a farm, and the two businesses are involved in a sort of circular economy. Their residue is fed to the cattle, whose manure is used on the malting barley fields located in a neighbouring village. Whenever possible, they use Belgian products in every step of the production. A true local Belgian beer!

Not only is the company very local, the two co-founding bio-engineers have made sure that Valduc-Thor’s activities are energy efficient, to the point that besides steps like thermal isolation and the use of solar panels, smart planning made that they need no extra heating.

Next time you find yourself between Namur and Wavre, in the almost literal centre of Belgium, you can think of quenching your thirst at this eco-smart brewery!