When residents become guides


Who hasn't dreamt of visiting a city without hordes of tourists and discovering the locals' favourite spots?

This is now possible thanks to the global Greeters network - residents who love their city and want to share their passion with their visitors, whether from all over the world or the next city.

The International Greeter Association, whose headquarters are now in Brussels, has 140 members. Brussels is one of the six most visited destinations, together with Paris, New York City, Chicago, Brisbane and Hamburg.

The idea came about in New York in 1992 and the concept has since spread around the world, from Argentina to Vietnam, not forgetting our little Belgium, of course. All the greeters share the same values of respect and sharing.

There are plenty of available destinations in Belgium, both cities and countryside: Antwerp, Brussels, The Hesbaye, Hoegaarden, Liège, Mons, Namur, the Lys valley and more. 

The enthusiastic volunteer Greeters give visitors a quirky, friendly tour of their district, with a personal touch. These enthusiasts share their favourite places and anecdotes free of charge.

This participative tourism leads to wonderful multi-cultural exchanges and mutual enrichment.

Book a Greeter if you want to try the experience.