Ghent: classic, cool, sustainable ... all in one


Admittedly, our website usually views the assets of Flanders' second largest city, Ghent, through its own lens. However, when one of the leading daily newspapers in the US, such as The Washington Post, extols the virtues of the City of Artevelde, our editors will, of course, pick up on it.

From now on, you can experience the newly restored showpiece The Ghent Altarpiece in Augmented Reality and learn about the history of the city in the City Museum (STAM). Furthermore, the Great Butcher's Hall, the Small Beguinage, Our Lady ter Hoyen, and the belfry on the UNESCO World Heritage List are all cultural and architectural highlights that you really must visit. Although, you probably have already done this before ...


And, just for fun, jump in a canoe from vzw DOKano. As you paddle the inland waterways, enjoying the beautiful urban scenery around you, fish out the rubbish you find floating around. Make cleaning fun, so to speak. You, other guests and the people of Ghent will be delighted by so much environmental friendliness. During your trip on the water, you may have admired murals and other street art from afar. Now it's time to take a closer look at them, for example in the little alley called Werregarenstraatje. Just ask for the 'Graffiti alley'. After your fine-dining, veggie or vegan meal (where else but in Ghent?), your ‘Light Plan’ walk and an extra nightcap in one of the many 'brown pubs', you can find your way to your sustainable Fairbnb accommodation. To enjoy a lie-in.