"View from my window": a real breath of fresh air!


Confined to her small apartment in Amsterdam, the young Belgian Barbara Duriau from Binche had the great idea of launching a Facebook group called "View from my window".

The goal was simple: to invite Facebook users to share the view from their window.

She is passionate about travel, and the idea for this group came from wondering how people were experiencing lockdown in the four corners of the world. But the young Binche native had no idea that it would cause such enthusiasm. Whether it's a heavenly sunset on an island, mist-covered countryside, or tiny apartments in the heart of the city, the photos came from all over the world and everyone added a like or a comment. Ties are being forged from South Africa to Italy, and from India to Belgium. Her Facebook group has brought together and connected thousands of people who have shared their views of their immediate surroundings during lockdown. It is a real breath of fresh air during these times that are, to say the least, anxious.

Some 2 million people have joined the group since 23 March, and Barbara has received hundreds of messages from people thanking her. Assisted by a team of volunteers, she now wants this initiative to have a second life outside social networks. She has therefore launched an appeal for a fundraising campaign to transform all the photos published on the page into an exhibition that will travel around the world.