Bruges, third most visited city in Europe


Bruges invariably does well in international rankings. The same goes for the one published by Holiday Home, which compares holiday homes in various countries. There, the city comes out as the third most visited in Europe.

Some may prefer to see it differently, but it is a fact that with an average of 21 tourists per inhabitant visiting Bruges during the summer months, the Venice of the North occupies a handsome third place after Dubrovnik on 1 and Venice on 2. Of course, it has all sorts of assets to show for this: its architectural splendour, richness and diversity in an often medieval-looking setting, its winding canals that lend themselves perfectly to a romantic boat trip, its varied gastronomic offerings, its famous Procession of the Holy Blood on Our Lord's Day, declared intangible UNESCO World Heritage, its five-yearly Parade of the Golden Tree, its ban on illuminated advertising ... 
Even outside the summer months, you are guaranteed to fall for the charms of this timeless gem: in autumn, when, with a bit of luck, fog veils the contours of buildings and trees; in winter, when a thin layer of snow accentuates the silence of the historic heart; in early spring, when the first yellow crocuses add to the already enchanting beguinage's appeal.
Bruges: you always leave with a happy feeling and always return full of expectation.