Our new award-winning passport


Our new passport was released in February 2022 and has not gone unnoticed. Its bold design highlighting our comic strip heroes and its safety qualities have just been rewarded.

A delegation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Directorate Travel & Identity Documents received the "Best New Passport 2022" award at the HSP EMEA (High Security Printing, Europe, Middle-East and Africa) conference in Tallinn.

The award is presented by the world's leading security intelligence company Reconnaissance International and recognises the best in technology and techniques for producing and issuing government documents. This includes currency, i.e. banknotes and coins, as well as identity cards and passports. Our passport has been rewarded for its audacity in combining original graphic design (comic book heroes on each of the 34 pages) with highly elaborate security techniques.

We don't have oil in Belgium, but we do have ideas, and even if it might seem surreal to integrate comics into a document as serious and secure as a passport, this audacity has obviously paid off because not only is the international press talking about it (in a good way) but the awards are piling up.

If you are Belgian and would like a personalised copy of this passport, please contact your municipal administration or the diplomatic post in your jurisdiction.