The Phantom of La-Roche-en-Ardenne


The Count of La Roche was looking for a husband for his daughter Berthe and staged a grand tournament, the champion of which would win the hand of the young lady. Only one candidate came forth, Count Waleran de Montaigu. He was so strong and intimidating that none of Berthe's other suitors dared to challenge him. However, to everyone's surprise, a strange knight suddenly appeared in the castle's courtyard. He was tiny, frail looking and dressed completely in black.

At the sight of him, Count Montaigu burst into laughter. The fight would be over in no time! But his opponent was quicker and moved more lightly, managing to avoid all of his attacks. In his final charge, he lost his balance and his weapon crashed to the ground. The stranger took advantage of this moment and slit the fearsome count's throat with a single blow. They congratulated the victor and led him to his wife, who had retired to the nuptial chambers.

The next day, at the bottom of the abyss, on the rocks on the banks of the Ourthe, lay two dots - one black, the other white. The mysterious small knight was none other than Countess Alix de Salm. After having made a pact with the devil and using a disguise, she sought revenge on Count Montaigu and the beautiful Berthe de La Roche. Berthe now wanders around the place where she was murdered, and some evenings towards nightfall, at the very spot where she died, you can see Countess Berthe de La Roche roaming the castle ruins.

The legend is commemorated with an audiovisual experience every summer. More information on this website.