Belgian animation film studio with American gravitas


nWave Pictures started out as a modest computer workstation in 1990 and has now expanded internationally into a professional animation film studio.

Co-founder Ben Stassen soon realised the wide range of possibilities animations offered.  Initially, his mini studio made films for amusement parks, but soon museums also showed an interest. In 2005, barely 15 years later, the company plunged into producing feature films. The very first, well-known, 3D animation film which hit cinema screens in 2008 was Fly Me to the Moon , directed by Ben Stassen and produced by nWave Pictures. This tale of three flies who tag along with the Apollo 11 flight to the moon in the 1960s generated 100 million dollars. All this, while Belgian budgets are five to six times lower than American ones! Sammy, Corgi and Big Foot Family are also three film hits produced by nWaves Pictures.

The studio's big advantage is that an integral part of the production process takes place internally which is rare in the production sector. In addition, there is also a family-like company culture.

As a result of the coronavirus, demand from amusement parks, museums and cinemas has dropped. However, the demand for online cinema platforms and streaming has skyrocketed. Turnover is also good. The future is therefore looking bright for nWave Pictures and its Belgian expertise.