Did you know that fairies live in the forest?


The Trou des Fées (the Fairy Hole), as well as Château Renaud, overlooking the plain below from 25 metres above, are both found in Croix-Rouge, between Virton and Étalle, in the Gaume region. Legend has it that this was the place where the fairy Oriande supposedly gave Maugis the sword Flamberge and the horse Bayard.

In the epic tale 'The Four Sons of Aymon', Maugis is the equivalent of Merlin in the Arthurian legend. As for Oriande, she is a fairy mentioned in the legend and especially in the "chanson de geste" called 'Maugis d'Aigremont', in which she plays an instigative role. It is she who raises Maugis and compels him to conquer the horse Bayard, a fabulous animal capable of performing many wonders, in order to obtain his status. According to Eugène Monseur, a specialist in Walloon folklore, the locality "les Épioux" from the legend can be identified with the "Espoux" or "Espaux" in the epic "chanson", the gorge where fairies live and that Charlemagne's armies must cross, situated in the Chiny forest.

Since 2017, the “Fairy Hole” has been enhanced by the addition of an unusual footpath, 1.5 kilometres long and interspersed with challenges to be completed by fairies. The "Fairy Path" is a learning trail for children to rediscover the forest, all while having fun.

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