Cinema Palace in Brussels lured record number of visitors in 2023


230,000! This is how many visitors Cinema Palace cinema complex at 85 Boulevard Anspach in Brussels received in 2023. A record. Largely down to under-18s and students.

As many as 60% more people bought tickets in 2023. This is twice as many under-18s and nearly 70% more students than in 2022. And does not even include Cineville film pass holders. Cinema Palace spokeswoman Lysiane Menier is obviously delighted with this brilliant result.

The explanation must be sought primarily in the varied range of offerings. Master classes on cinema and debates were especially popular with young people, while all the target groups enjoyed more than 200 events, including avant-premières, screenings of classic films and seven festivals.

Cinema Palace scheduled well-known and lesser-known films in 2023, in addition to global blockbusters Barbie and Oppenheimer. 2024 also promises to be an exciting film year. A glimpse of it? A Silence by multi-award-winning Belgian director Joachim Lafosse.

Are you not that interested in films? Then go and visit this fine work by architect Paul Hamesse from 1913. The former Pathé Palace was a cinema, music café and music hall, with no fewer than four bars and a winter garden. The façades, the upper part of the stairwell, the foyer and the ceiling of the showroom are still definitely worth seeing now. Can you see the rooster, the symbol of the Pathé company, right at the top of the façade?