Bruges launches Fairtrade city chocolate


Bruges is the first city in the world to bring its own Fairtrade chocolate bar to market. The chocolate has been named ‘Sjokla’, which means chocolate in the Bruges local dialect. This is how the capital of West Flanders, which, besides being the chocolate capital of Europe, has also been known as a Fair Trade City since 2008, is combining the best of both worlds.

The chocolate came about in collaboration between the Bruges municipal council and the Guild of Bruges Chocolatiers. The chocolate bars are available in both milk chocolate and fondant, and are made from 100% Fairtrade cocoa. In this way, Bruges would like to demonstrate its respect for the cocoa farming tradition in the southern hemisphere on the one hand, and the local chocolate trade in Bruges on the other.

The packaging also reflects the dual commitment the city has to its chocolate. The little golden waves symbolise the cocoa beans and refer to the beans transported by sea. The packaging also displays the little swan that stands for Bruges and the Guild of Bruges Chocolatiers.

‘Sjokla’ is on sale in ‘Mijn Brugge’ (My Bruges), the Bruges museum shop, Oxfam World Shop Bruges and from chocolatiers in Bruges from 8th May. A chocolate bar costs 5 euros.