Walloon Brabant, the third highest concentration of graduates in Europe


According to the latest Eurostat barometer, Walloon Brabant is ranked third in Europe for the highest number of inhabitants with a higher education diploma.

Apart from the districts situated to the west and east of London, no region on the European mainland produces better results than Walloon Brabant. Fully 57.1% of Brabant inhabitants in the 25 to 64 age group have a higher education diploma. At the national level, the number of graduates is still 40.3%, in line with the European average.

If we look at the change in these data recorded by the European Statistical Agency over the past ten years, we see that the rate of higher education graduates has only increased. In comparison, the number was only 32.1% for Belgium in 2007. All Belgian provinces have experienced a comparable increase over the past decade.

As for the specific performance of Walloon Brabant, this is partly explained by the fact that this province has an increasing number of highly skilled jobs, especially in the rapidly developing pharmaceutical sector. There are also many people with top jobs in the nearby capital, who prefer to settle in the calm and green environment of Walloon Brabant.