Walloon start-up Synergia Medical's implant to fight epilepsy


Tech start-up Synergia Medical of Mont-Saint-Guibert in Walloon Brabant has developed a revolutionary device that uses laser, electrodes and mini solar panels to prevent epileptic seizures. It eventually aims to supplant the classic metal implant, which poses a problem in MRI scans.

Traditionally, metal and electrical signals have been used. Synergia Medical's implant, however, is thinner and smaller and is rechargeable via induction. A 2-3 cm container is inserted into the chest. It is connected by cables to the vagus nerve in the neck. A miniature light source inside the tray sends a laser beam through optical fibre cables. Ultimately, the light beam is converted into electricity via a photovoltaic system. Essentially super-small solar panels, measuring 200 by 200 microns. The expected lifespan of the implant is 15 years. The battery needs to be charged for a few minutes every week by cleverly positioning the charger opposite the device, a process patented by Synergia Medical.

Highly promising personalised and safe Belgian technology for epilepsy patients worldwide.