KU Leuven among best universities in Europe


For a range of disciplines, KU Leuven is consolidating or even improving its position. That and other conclusions are reached by the leading British higher education study firm QS Quacquarelli Symonds in the 13th edition of its renowned 2023 rankings.

Belgium is well represented, by the way, thanks especially to best pupil in class KU Leuven. That maintains its prominent and essential place in the field of global research and carries collaboration, innovation and internationalisation above all. In continental Europe, it ranks second in the top 50 in the number of fields of study, moving further towards frontrunner ETH Zurich from Switzerland. In this respect, KU Leuven leaves behind Amsterdam, the Sorbonne and Delft in third, fourth and fifth place respectively.

KU Leuven throws high marks in the categories of Theology, Pharmacy, Psychology and Chemistry. It is also in good company. UGent, for instance, makes the biggest leap forward. It does very well this year in the Sports and Environment category and in Agriculture and Forestry, with a fine seventh place internationally.

The international employers in Belgium, on the other hand, greatly appreciate the academic reputation of ULB, which means good future employment prospects.

Reason enough to be proud of the higher education sector in Belgium.