The strength of the Belgian passport


This news will please you if you are a globe-trotter at heart - the Belgian passport is one of the most powerful in the world!

Some passports open more horizons than others. Indeed, it is more or less easy for you to travel depending on your nationality. This is good news for Belgians, as our passport is at the top of the list of best passports. What does this mean? Every year, various organisations rank those countries with the most powerful passports. Generally, one criterion is key, i.e. the number of countries that can be visited without a visa. The Japanese passport is known as being the best for travel, since it gives access to more than 192 countries in total!

But the Nomad Passport Index goes beyond this indicator and also takes into account the tax reach and restrictions imposed on the passport holder, how the country is perceived abroad, the ability to hold dual citizenship, and finally, personal freedom (freedom of the press, government surveillance, mandatory military service, etc.). Points are assigned to each country's passports based on these five factors. Belgium is ranked fourth with 186 points, just behind Luxembourg (189 points) and Sweden (187.5 points) and joint with Switzerland. European passports in general are popular, making up 90% of the top 10.

With its new comic book-inspired look and enhanced security, our passport is as beautiful as it is effective!