Photos from around the world come to Brussels

15 July 2021 - 12 September 2021

It is the largest open-air photo exhibition in Europe. Eighty artists from all over the world will exhibit from 17 June to 12 September this summer over more than 15,000 square meters at the Tour & Taxis site in Brussels, as part of the Photocity event.

For the occasion, Photocity has teamed up with the very famous National Geographic to allow visitors to daydream in front of pictures by the greatest wildlife photographers and admire animal scenes in superb natural settings. Another theme pays tribute to women through the exhibition "Women: A Century of Change", a tour of the planet from a female point of view. The colours of the world will also be on display through the scenes and their stories; all the beauty of the world at your fingertips.

This exhibition is also an opportunity to highlight the works of young Belgian talent Derek Malou, allow the creativity of France Dubois and David Deleu to express themselves, reveal the talent of Juan Francisco Hernández, the Franco-Mexican specialist of black and white, and David Dele, who is particularly interested in architecture. Visitors will also be able to admire the work of the greatest National Geographic artists: Steve McCurry, Ami Vitale and Brian Skerry.

All fans of quality photography should find something to their liking, as the event includes all genres, from photojournalism to documentary, landscape and animal photography and portraits.