Brussels Jazz Festival kicks off

11 January 2024 - 20 January 2024

Brussels has kicked off a week and a half of jazz in the iconic Flagey building, with local pianist and composer Casimir Liberski as artist in residence.

Belgium should surely be known as much for its jazz as its beer, chocolate and fries, especially given that the saxophone was invented by a Belgian. It should then come as no surprise that the country boasts several internationally renowned jazz festivals, including the one in Brussels. 

Besides Liberski, who will grace the stage no less than three times, you can expect diverse acts like the Brussels-based multi-instrumentalist group schroothoop (which means scrap yard), who play on buckets, pipes, pots and pans among other less conventional instruments; piano trio Donder; Dijf Sanders, who is double-billed with Georgian artist Ashiq Nargile; legends Aka Moon; and many other artists from other mostly European countries. 

We’ve already got our tickets for some of the wonderful concerts this edition has foreseen, but we’re also looking forward to Gent Jazz and Jazz Middelheim this summer.  

Click here to check out the full bill and explore ticket options, and maybe we’ll see you there!