Titanic exhibition to drop anchor in Brussels in March

15 March 2024 - 30 June 2024

Titanic: some people think of the epic love story between Rose and Jack Dawson, others think of the sad fate of the real ship. From March, people in Brussels can think: Tour & Taxis.

The Brussels landmark will be home to an exhibition of the iconic ocean liner that was to transport people, mail and indeed dreams from Belfast to New York but never survived its maiden voyage. 

Show your replica Titanic ticket and step into 1912 and learn the stories of the women and men on board. The exhibition also boasts nearly 300 original objects from the Titanic collected by Paul Henri Nargeolet. If that name rings a bell, you possibly know him as part of the crew of the ill-fated submarine Titan that imploded in 2023. 

The ship of dreams still rests peacefully at the bottom of the ocean, but this exhibition is just about as close to the iconic shipwreck as you can get without going underwater. All we can advise you is to surf to the exhibition’s website, and jump on those tickets, because if you jump, we jump.