Keith Haring, more than an artist…at Bozar

13 December 2019 - 19 April 2020

For fans of the '80s, don't miss the retrospective dedicated to Keith Haring at Bozar. Immerse yourself in 1980s New York with this artist, who was close to Andy Warhol.

This major retrospective highlights the multiple facets of the artist. Collages, chalk drawings, videos, large coloured frescoes, bodywork elements, posters,... various media all instantly recognisable through the artist's unique style.

During his brief career, he not only displayed his work in art galleries, but also and above all throughout the city: subway stations, streets, nightclubs, etc. He shares his art with everyone and the subjects he tackles (racism, homophobia, religion, AIDS) were the issues of New York at the time, and then some...

The exhibition's scenography transports us into worlds ranging from black walls for his depictions of nightlife, to pink walls for his works on the AIDS epidemic, or a nightclub vibe for his fluorescent paintings.

A frenetic artist who sometimes painted 50 canvases in a day, an activist outside of his work, he was involved in child welfare and the fight against AIDS, from which he died in 1990, but he left behind a body of work that still speaks to all generations today.

On at Bozar in Brussels until 19 April 2020.