14-18 and then?

21 September 2018 - 10 November 2019

From 26 September, the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces will host an exhibition dedicated to a period that has often been hidden, namely the Roaring Twenties, which were actually 'Roaring' only for a small minority, with the vast majority wanting nothing more than a return to normal life and the rebuilding of the ruins.

"Beyond the Great War: 1918-1928" also highlights the cultural, social and technological revolution in the decade that followed the signature of the Armistice: jazz, radio, cinema, electrical appliances and transport.

But the other side of the picture is just as important. Nationalism was on the rise again, the economic crisis was lurking in the shadows and wounds had not healed. For practical information, visit this website.

A different exhibition, which can be considered to complement the first but has a different focus, is also dedicated to the changes in behaviour brought about by the conflict. It is currently open at "La Fonderie", the Brussels Museum of Industry and Labour, which is hosting "Gender @ war" or the "Great War: Beyond the clichés". For practical information and a detailed presentation of the exhibition, please visit this website.