M Leuven showcases Kato Six


At Museum M Leuven, you can be astounded by the creations of Flemish artist Kato Six. She is presenting various techniques there: drawings, sculptures, textiles and wall works in-situ. New and existing work intermingled, at the interface of abstract and figurative art.

Kato Six was born in 1986 in Bruges and lives and works in Brussels. At the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KASK) in Ghent, she earned a master's degree in 3D multimedia and one in graphic design. She graduated in 2010.

Architecture, design and homeliness are her main frame of reference. Her work is made from recognisable and everyday materials and is vaguely reminiscent of familiar utensils. It developed abstractly into a kind of three-dimensional still life. Kato works with moulds and more recently with laser printing. Materials such as Formica, veneer, concrete, linoleum, rope, wool, plastic and counterfeit marble allude to mass industry and our throw-away culture, where objects last for less and less long. She aims to teach the viewer to look at art differently and learn to discover new patterns through her traditionally artistic creations, placed directly on the ground or leant against a wall, window or heating element.

What patterns do you think you see in the art of Kato Six? You can find out until 26 February 2023.