Beringen mine cathedral turned into work of art


The mine cathedral in Beringen (in the province of Limburg) is the site of a new work of art by Scottish artist David Batchelor.

The mine cathedral is now home to an impressive light installation. No less than 68 of its pointed arches were fitted with LED light strips to add to the already astonishing ambience. 

The choice of colours stemmed forth from the colour of the imposing cathedral’s stained-glass windows, which have undergone years of renovation. So what’s the message? Highlighting the building’s function as a place of faith, but also diversity and inclusiveness. A rainbow comes to mind. 

The result was met with awe and admiration upon the artwork’s inauguration, with people describing it as “extraordinary” or “truly magnificent”. 

Batchelor’s vision cost a humble €123,000 to bring to life. If we had to put our money on it, we think this work of art will be a great success. Did we manage to tempt you to take a trip to Limburg?